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Chillar Party movie torrent free download 2011

Chillar Party movie:
Irrfan Khan (1)...... Fatka
Sanath Menon...... Arjun/Encyclopedia
Rohan Grover...... Ramashanker/Akram
Naman Jain...... Balwan/Jhangiya
Aarav Khanna...... Aflatoon
Vishesh Tiwari...... Laxman/Second Hand
Chinmai Chandranshuh...... Lucky/Panauti
Vedant Desai...... Silencer
Divji Handa...... Shaolin
Sherya Sharma...... Toothpaste
Ranbir Kapoor...... Item Number
Release Date
July 8, 2011
Ronnie Screwvala
Salman Khan
Vikas Bahl
Nitesh Tiwari
Chillar Party is an upcoming Bollywood children's film directed by Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari, and produced by Ronnie Screwvala under the UTV Motion Pictures, Sharan Kapoor of IBC Motion Pictures and Salman Khan under his Salman Khan Productions. The film has a complete multiple-cast of a bunch of debuting child-artists particularly named after movies such as including; Silencer / Aflatoon or Shaolin. It also features Ranbir Kapoor in an item-number.
Chillar Party is a fillam about a gang of innocent but feisty bachcha log who lead a carefree and fun filled life in Chandan nagar colony. Soon Fatka & Bheedu come into their lives and they become an inseparable part of Chillar party. The lives of these bachcha logs get difficult when Bheedu's life is endangered, thanks to a mean politician. Saath mein they fight the big bad world of politics and show that even chhote bachche can move mountain. In a world where reason outweighs emotions, Chillar party teaches everyone to fell rather that think. They prove that what seems to be right is not always right.
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Chillar Party movie torrent free download 2011
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